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Personal Stories

Sprout stories from people who love sprouts.

I grew up around the sprout industry and even worked in production at Jonathan’s during high school and college. But like most teens, eating healthy wasn’t a top priority. Then a few years ago, after a career in the fashion industry and a few years of raising my own family, I decided to come back and join the family business. By this time, health and nutrition had become important to me and I began eating sprouts on a daily basis. Within a year, I had lost 20 pounds without even trying. I also gave up smoking and breezed through menopause without noticing any common symptoms. Clover sprouts are loaded with phyto-estrogens and I believe they helped me get through it without a single hot flash.

I follow the latest sprout research, especially the work being done at Johns Hopkins University on the cancer fighting benefits of broccoli sprouts. After reading about their role in reversing and protecting against skin cancer, I began injecting broccoli sprouts into soaps and lotions as a hobby. We now carry a full line of broccoli sprout-infused skin care products.

I believe that sprouts can play a major role in reducing the world’s hunger problems. They can be grown in any climate or environment and they contain maximum nutrient density after only one week of sprouting.
~ Liz Reilley, Director of Sales at Jonathan’s Sprouts


I battled against chronic allergies and asthma throughout my teens and twenties. I couldn’t even play outdoors because of the grass on the ground and the pollen in the air. I went to the best medical doctors—heads of their departments at major hospitals—but they were unable to help me. After 20 years of trying the best conventional treatments medicine had to offer, I did the only thing I could do, I broke free from the world of western medicine and explored other possibilities. The first place I looked was at what I was putting into my body. I changed from a standard American diet to a 100% organic, vegan, raw food diet. I started juice fasting and cleansing. And then after a two week period I was amazed that my asthma was gone. I could also, for the first time, breathe through both nostrils—I hadn’t been able to do that ever!

Sprouts aren’t just beans with tails on them. They are baby vegetables. These baby plants are packed with a life force that is not possible to find in any other food group. They exude a plethora of enzymes and phytochemicals in such concentration that is rarely found elsewhere in nature. Take for example the anti-cancer glucosinolates in broccoli and radish sprouts. They are 50-100 times more potent than in the mature versions of those vegetables. And these enzymes have been proven time and again to interrupt the growth cycle of cancer cells. You can’t get enough from just eating broccoli. That’s one of the neat things about sprouts. They are a perfect example of food as medicine. That’s exactly what Hippocrates, the Father of Modern Medicine said: “Let your food be your medicine.” A local superfood that is organic, affordable, available year round, and is not only nourishing but also healing. It doesn’t get much better than that. I eat sprouts all year round. I prefer them over lettuce in my salad because they are so much easier to digest. Alfalfa sprouts literally melt in my mouth. Their cell walls are so tender they release their nutrients with such ease that even those with weak digestion can eat them. And alfalfa and clover sprouts are excellent sources of saponins—a kind of elemental soap—that is a proven artery cleaner. You can lower your cholesterol just by regularly eating alfalfa sprouts. Follow Hippocrates and start thinking of food as your medicine. In that, there is no better food than sprouts.
~ Steve Meyerowitz, Sproutman


These sprouts make for a wonderful salad. They are a great accompaniment to frozen pizza to round out a healthy, quick meal.
~ Tamara Mount, multi-tasking working mother in VT


I am not your typical skin cream consumer. Simply put; I have NEVER used a product that didn’t make me itch, burn and/or cry when applied to my face. That is until I tried Jonathan Sprouts creams and soap made from natural vegetable/herb-derived ingredients.

I particularly enjoy Jonathan’s face cream which leaves my skin feeling soft and smells wonderful as it is infused with goodies like chamomile and patcholie and, most importantly, doesn’t make my eyes tear. Unlike other creams, Jonathan’s scents are not overbearing, but delicate and natural smelling -a very good balance.

Jonathan’s lip balm is smooth and luxurious feeling. It immediately remedies my dry winter lips and keeps them from chapping. The balm is especially helpful towards keeping my lips from drying out during winter runs.

As a person who cannot go a summer without contracting poison ivy, Jonathan Sprout soap is a godsend.  It has sped up my recovery from poison ivy which typically takes weeks to dry. It also helps quell the itch and has a pleasant clean and fresh smell without drying out your skin.
Great products from a great source.
~ Dori Carella in Rhode Island


Sprouts have been a medicinal food that we have been using for six decades in the conquest of disease. Global research from the top universities has provided empirical evidence as to why these superior foods are so medicinally affective. Phytochemicals abound in these germinated nuts, seeds, grains and beans, affording them the unique ability to prevent and conquer a wide variety of maladies.
~Drs. Anna Maria & Brian Clement, PH.D.,L.N.C.
Directors, Hippocrates Health Institute


I had a rash on my back. I’ve tried Neosporin, cortisone cream and none of it worked. Then I tried Jonathan’s Sprouts broccoli infused skin cream and the rash went away! It worked beautifully!
~ Satisfied customer in Maine