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Food Safety

At Jonathan’s Sprouts, we consider food safety to be our #1 concern. We put our sprouts through a rigorous testing regime before they leave our facilities. All our sprouts are triple tested for safety.

Step 1:

When our seed delivery arrives, each bag is checked thoroughly. Any bags showing signs of damage are rejected.

Step 2:

Using a tool called a trier, we take a sample of seeds from every bag. The holes in the bag made by the trier are covered with an identifying label and the bags are stored separately until the seed testing is complete.

Step 3:

The sample seeds are sprouted in warm water. After 48 hours, the irrigation water is sampled and sent to the lab for testing.

Step 4:

The next day, the tests come back from the lab. When they test negative for pathogens, they are now safe to use in production. We are assured they will give us the quality we expect.

Step 5:

But our testing doesn’t end there! Every day we test every crop grown from these seeds. We test water samples from every growing unit and every batch of sprouts. When duplicate testing samples confirm these sprouts are safe, then and only then, will we send them to market.